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This web site aims to provide helpful online tools to gardeners for managing most of gardening tasks
NEW (10/03/2012) => First Version : This version enables to draw the plan of your kitchen garden. It offers the ability to respect positive associations between vegetables.
=> Coming soon : My Harvest page which will allow to note the count of your harvest.

Draw your garden plan in a few clics and manage easily your crops

Welcome to, a free online application for bio gardeners !

This web site will allow you to easily draw your vegetable garden and manage it as a bio-gardener.

The current version will allow to :
- draw the plan of your garden while respecting vegetable bio-associations (companion planting)
- plan yours seeds, plantations and harvests
- print your labels for seeds, plantations or canned food
- discover the plan of the garden of site users
- write notes in the online garden pad

The next forecasted versions will allow to :
- maintain the count of harvests
- it will be possible to place photos of your 'real' garden
- recipes adapted to 'large' amount of vegetable will be proposed (that is recipes with not only a sprig of parsley on a big beef steak!)
- a forum will be added

As an amateur gardener, I created this site in order to have a clear view of the whole tasks to achieve in a vegetable-garden and to get close
to natural and bio practices like respecting positive associations between friendly plants (i.e. companion planting).

You can use all these functionalities freely and with no registration. It is simple, lots of explanations are available in each page. Don't forget to save your data frequently. A file containing your data will be provided for download to your computer.When coming back to the site, this file can be loaded to regenerate your garden.

I hope you will enjoy eGardenPad web application. Feel free to send remarks and comments.
Please, before starting, take 20 seconds to read the instructions by clicking the Manual page.
After that, you will be able to start drawing your garden by clicking My Plan of Garden page ! Then, you will be able to easily draw a plan of garden like this one :